Creating The Diva Next Door

Creating The Diva Next Door

Hello everyone!

I thought I’ll give you some insight into why I started this blog, and what it means to me.

Over the past few years my interest in fashion and beauty has grown tremendously mainly due to my interest in following related pages on social media.That, coupled with my interest in writing led to the idea of creating my own blog.

I’m aware that there a lot of other established and popular bloggers out there, and it always worried me that as a beginner it would be hard to match up to the high standards I have.But every blogger has a unique voice and method, and I think variety and individuality are some of the most important things you can have to offer.

So I shall try my best to keep you all engaged, and hopefully over a period of time we can establish a good connection.

My personal style motto is all about balancing between casual and chic. You’ll understand that from my subsequent posts.

I’d like to tell you guys that I wont be posting about high end beauty products or wearing designer outfits. I’m a blogger on a budget, and I’m going to make the most of it by putting together some outfits and looks that can give you guys some real-life inspiration. I’m not going to be one of those bloggers whose clothes and makeup you only dream of owning. I’m keeping it simple, and I want to be the kind of blogger that you guys can relate to, because that’s the most important thing for me.

I’m not an expert or professional so I don’t promise to be perfect. But I hope I can inspire you guys at least a little with my posts. Hope you guys stay on to experience the Diva Life!

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The Diva Next Door.



  1. Luved your post xoxo

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