My 3 fave purple lipstick shades this season

My 3 fave purple lipstick shades this season

Hi guys,

This is my first post before I share my website with you all 🙂 I absolutely love makeup! I don’t know what I’d do without it.

This post is about my favourite shades of purple on the lips over the past few months. I’m going to do a brief review of the lipsticks, I’ll do detailed reviews some other time. I just want to show you how great they’ll look on you!

I know a lot of you like playing it safe and sticking to pinks and reds, but purple is the one of the best options if you want to change things up a bit. You can wear pinkish purples on an everyday basis, but go standout with a bolder brighter shade on a night out.

Here are the shades I picked : NYX Full throttle – Trickster, NYX matte lipstick – Aria and Flat out Fabulous – MAC.


Flat Out Fabulous – MAC 


This shade is probably on my all-time favourites list! Its an eternal, loud and vibrant pinkish purple. It changed the game for me ever since I tried it on years ago. Its from MAC’S Retro Matte collection, which leaves its formula quite drying and not so easy to spread, but the staying power is great. This is a shade I can never replace, I will continue buying this from MAC.

With Flash :        IMG_8785

Without Flash :  IMG_8786

NYX Full Throttle – Trickster


This is the lightest shade of the three, and I’d say the trickiest to pull off ( hence the name). I LOVE the formula of this Full Throttle Range! I’m not crazy about the shape of the bullet, but it glides onto the lips easily. However, the staying power could be better. But I’d purchase it again because of the formula. If done right this shade is pretty versatile so I don’t have a problem pairing it with my outfits.

With Flash :     IMG_8783

Without Flash:IMG_8784

NYX Matte Lipstick – Aria 


This is the darkest shade of the lot, and it looks quite vampy. It would be my go-to shade for a night out if I wanted a break from the reds. I generally like this range but this lipstick is quite patchy. Apart from that, the colour payoff is good, and it’s worth the price. But I’m not sure if I would repurchase, I might check out other alternatives.

This shade would definitely suit most people, and if you’re one of those people who hasn’t tried something like this yet you should! Right away. This shade makes the look more elegant, and I can pair it with an all-white ensemble or go completely dark with my clothes too.

With Flash :      IMG_8788 (see the patchiness here)

Without Flash: IMG_8787


Overall, if I had to rate them, i’d pick FoF, Trickster then Aria in that order. This is taking in the colour, texture and lasting power. But I do like them all very much, and they’re always a staple in my kit!

Hope you liked this! Let me know in the comments below.


The Diva Next Door.



  1. Hi Avanthika, Nice blog. Even I love purple on my lips. I have both Fof and Trickster. You can also try Revlon Colorburst Matt Lip balm In the shade Shameless.its amazing.

  2. How about ‘Men love mystery’ from M.A.C ?
    This shade is beautiful but very rarely available in India.

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